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Have you experienced any of the following?

  • Working hard on your game but not seeing the results?

  • When asked “what are you working on”, you respond with “everything”?

  • Jumping between social media influencers looking for the latest methodology?

  • Made one too many “tweaks” and now you’re feeling some aches and pains every time you play golf?

Guessing and Hope is Not a Strategy that Works in Golf

Understanding how your golf swing impacts the “laws” of golf (face angle, club path, low point, and contact) will give you a better understanding of how YOU should swing the club as well as give you the ability to adjust when things go sideways.

Coaching Philosophy

I don’t believe in a cookie cutter or copy paste process. If you’ve ever heard “you see what [Insert Tour Pro Name] is doing? Just do that”, you need to run. All of us are built differently and we’ve all had different events in our lives impact how we swing a golf club. Expecting yourself to swing it like someone is just putting you in a tailspin of confusion.

Our Tenants

1. Do no harm to your existing capabilities - We’ll look for the least invasive approach to addressing the root cause of your struggles without impacting areas of your game that are sound.​


2. Progress plan for Development - Improvement takes time and at times it’s incremental. We’ll stick to the progress and ensure you are comfortable with what we’re trying to accomplish.

What to Expect

Our lessons are broken down into 3 phases:

1. Discovery - With an understanding on how your body moves to influence your ball and club dynamics, we discover areas we need to work on

2. Feels Development - We work together to develop the right feels unique to you to promote the proper move into the ball, addressing what we discovered

3. Progression - We build a plan on how and what to practice as well as focal areas for you to develop your game and reach your goals

Gavin Lee, Golf Instructor

Coach Gavin


Titleist Performance Institute Certified Golf Professional | Trackman Level 2 Professional | Mizuno Certified Fitter

With focus on sound fundamentals, Gavin doesn't take a cookie cutter approach and believes that each golfer has a unique swing that can be optimized to achieving goals.

"Hitting a golf ball is an athletic motion, where within 1.5 seconds, you’re moving the golf club from 0 to 100mph with a high level of precision. There isn't a single way to hit a golf ball, but we'll find the most efficient way to swing a club for you."

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